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Phoenix Venture Partners Leads a $5.2M Series A Financing in NBD Nanotechnologies

NBD Nanotechnologies, Inc. (NBD), a leader in the development of biomimetic inspired functional and durable surface wetting modifications has secured $5.2M in Series A funding to advance its platform technologies and product development. Phoenix Venture Partners (PVP), a leading venture capital firm with domain expertise in advanced material entrepreneurship, led the investment and was joined by Supply Chain Ventures and previous angels. Proceeds of the funds will be used to advance NBD’s product development of its propriety surface modifying coatings and additives in various industrial and consumer markets. Example applications for its platform technologies include but are not limited to: coatings for industrial steam condensers; electronic devices; industrial protective paints & fog harvesting.

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NSF publishes NBD Nano’s efforts with UIC to improve condensation efficiency

“NBD Nanotechnologies, a Boston-based company funded by NSF’s Small Business Technology Transfer program, aims to scale up the durability and functionality of surface coatings for industrial use.

One of the most impactful applications for superhydrophobic or hydrophobic research is improved condensation efficiency. When water vapor condenses to a liquid, it typically forms a film. That film is a barrier between the vapor and the surface, making it more difficult for other droplets to form. If that film can be prevented by whisking away droplets immediately after they condense–say, with a superhydrophobic surface–the rate of condensation increases…”

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