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NBD Nanotechnologies has developed a suite of proprietary hydrophobic and oleophobic injection grade additives used for plastic’s compounding. By adding NBD’s materials ANY plastic resin can become more repellent than the leading fluoropolymer technologies. Furthermore, the high thermal stability of NBD’s plastic additive makes them ideal for thermal processing, like compounding and injection molding. Besides the high repellence, NBD’s materials at low loading levels will not modify the underlying bulk resins properties resulting in unmatched durability and performance.


Contact Angle Comparison


NBD can customize plastic formulations for any plastic at small scale before scaling up for fast iteration

NBD vs. The Competition

The high thermal stability of NBD’s plastic additive allow for multiple heating and cooling cycles, making them ideal for compounding and injection molding.




 NBD Additives



*Graphs show contact angle in degrees over loading amount [wt%]





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